SAP SuccessFactors Implantation

More than installing a system, we understand that our service should go much further, while respecting the culture of each organization, thus ensuring the investment made.

We are one of the biggest teams in Latin America, with experience in the implementation and post-implementation of all modules:

  • Goals & Performance
  • Succession, Career and Development
  • Recruitment
  • Learning & JAM
  • Remuneration
  • Employee Central

Our Cases


In order to continue growing according to the quality guidelines set forth in the Ourofino standard of operations and to meet auditing requirements, the company needed to implement an integrated management and training management system.

Four months after the project began in January 2015, the solution went live. The LMS (Learning Management System), JAM (corporate portal) and Employee Profile (EP) modules were activated. The benefits of SOU implementation provided:

  • Integrated management of training processes
  • The Ourofino standard of training and management
  • Increasing collective competences
  • Greater knowledge of hierarchy in departments
  • Employees' access to training information