eLearning Catalog for Companies

SOU brings to the Brazilian market exclusivity access to the catalog of Ready Courses for soft skills most used by the global e-Learning industry. With more than 20,000 customers worldwide, Cegoc's training is responsible for the annual training of about 200,000 people.

Cursos Prontos para áreas de interesse:

  • Complete Collection for Leadership
  • Complete Collection for Personal Development
  • Complete Collection for Project Management
  • Customer Relationship Collection
  • Collection for Pharmaceutical Industry
  • In addition to other soft skills catalog

eLearning Catalog for Companies

Resposive e-Learning

"We noticed that the national market is filled with solutions based on Google search or re-reading books, without reflection, or contextualization. The company that seeks solution with effective result needs maturity. And this is what we are bringing: interactions born of the experience of professionals working in the international scene. Therefore, this partnership with Cegoc, a renowned institution in different continents, is fundamental, says Luiz Comar, Executive Director of SOU - Educação & Talentos.

The courses, developed by Cegoc, have already certified more than 1 million professionals worldwide. They come here now with the concrete proposal to help reverse large gaps in Brazil regarding competitiveness and qualification of labor. "he adds.