Every business wants a committed employee and for that, we developed a proper platform, the SOU Mais, that uses gamification techniques and learning trails, which, in right doses, incredibly increases adherence, in a healthy and fun way.

Among the possible applications of people development projects, we have:

  • Execution of a Training Plan
  • Integration of New Employees
  • Trainee Programs
  • On-site Training Module
  • Reconnaissance Programs

Our Cases


With the need to create a continuous learning track for the sales force, Abbvie developed in partnership with us a platform that provides the user with a gamification experience.

With annually renewed themes, the game presents activities of various formats and points measure audience participation, which generates a ranking. The competition includes bonuses and extra activities, which causes a high engagement rate of employees with their tasks and consequently with the company.

Mary Kay

Focusing on the pursuit of excellence in service, Mary Kay had the demand to create a training platform and activities that could engage their target public.

With that in mind, we developed Engage. A platform based on the concept of gamification, called “My Mary World”. This platform has learning tracks with topics related to the daily lives of the public, and its purpose is to attract those who participate in the project.

The result was an addictive game with a disputed ranking, generating high rates of engagement and adherence.