Operational Advice (Outsourcing)

This is where we make the project happen. The advisory service is nothing more than a support to the project management, already implemented, especially in activities involving systems. Among the main areas of activity, we have:

  • Registration in Record Systems
  • End user support (Helpdesk)
  • Report Consolidation
  • Formulation of plans and communication pieces
  • Sharing best practices for the development of the project

Our Cases


In August 2013, we started with Syngenta the project management of their websites related to programs “FFE Academy (Field Force Effectiveness)” focused on the sales force. We supported the company in making the entire platform management, activities, technical content, presential meetings, extra activities and final works.

The FFE Academy finished the 2013-2014 cycle in June 2014, with over 580 students and a utilization rate higher than 85%.


A major challenge that Serasa Experian’s HR had was to manage and operate the courses conducted in person. Thus, the Institutional school was established within the Serasa Experian University. This new school has a fully automated flow, in which the students themselves have all the necessary information at their disposal, such as calendars courses and notifications of their pending matters.

All this automation and independence made the RH area have greater flexibility and time saving in performing other activities, and the demand for courses has increased considerably. To publicize this project a video about the campaign and communications in email marketing format were also developed.