Tailored courses

“The most important is how we do it.”

Our challenge is to build a medium where people can acquire knowledge to change their ecosystem, feeling pleasure and motivation to follow this until the end.

We developed the following fronts:

  • Serious game
  • Rapid learning
  • Video learning
  • Simulators
  • Mobile learning
  • Podcast
  • Whiteboard
  • Presential Presentation
  • Tutorials
  • Pocket learning

Our Cases


Our challenge is to implement a training channel for the entire sales force and resellers in Brazil, a network with thousands of students. With tailored training to the entire line of products and services of Goodyear, we create personalized content, with real characters and scenarios, as well as an engagement platform and gamification, raising the affinity of the users, which led to a high adherence of the public.

Our job is, besides creating training programs, to be a partner of Goodyear. We understand its business and its way of working, thinking along with the content generating areas. From there, we develop the best creation practices, absorption and adherence of the target public.

Leroy Merlin

Our challenge was to act as the first and leading provider of training courses and e-learning for Leroy Merlin. We began our work developing products courses, intended for sales advisors, and then the project expanded to various areas. We are proud to have acted as Leroy Merlin partners in more than 50 projects.